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How the Magnetic Fluid Conditioner Works, listen here

Magnetic Fluid Conditioner

No Salt, Potassium or Chemicals
No Electricity, Wiring or Plumbing
No Filters or Maintenance

Have any of these problems???

  • clogged water pipes,
  • reduced water pressure,
  • "frozen" valves on faucets,
  • hard-to-remove soap film on shower tiles and doors,
  • white deposits on shower heads,
  • spots and milky clouds on glassware and silverware,
  • crusted rings in toilet tanks,
  • spotting on tubs, chrome, and tile,
  • poor sudsing of soaps, detergents, and shampoos,
  • scale-related performance decreases in other appliances that use water.

    We can fix these problems with one simple answer, Magnetic Fluid Conditioners!

    What is Magnetic Fluid Conditioner?  



Magnetic water treatment is a method of reducing the effects of hardwater, as an alternative to water softening.These magnetic water treatment devices have a powerful magnetic field that can affect the structure of water molecules or the properties of solutes passing through the magnetic field, thus eliminating the need for chemical softening agents. Only the effective hardness is to be altered; no solutes (such as calcium or magnesium) are removed from the water by the process.

These magnets have been proven to clean your water and make it so that it doesnt come back as long as they are on the pipe. Once you have these magnets you will be able to wash away calcium from your mirrors, windows, and other surfaces.These also have a 90 day money back guarantee! And a LIFETIME WARRANTY

Exchangers/Cooling Towers

In heat exchangers/cooling towers, scale build-up results in reduced heat transfer resulting in higher energy and chemical costs, not to mention the environmental impact of chemical disposal.

Boilers suffer from scale build-up in the same way: a loss of heat transfer efficiency that triggers an increase in energy and chemical costs.

Water Heaters:

The estimated energy cost for running a 40-gallon electric hot water heater is $450 each year. A scale build up of just 3/8" gobbles up 55 percent more energy, according to the U.S. Bureau of Standards. That's an additional $247 more each year to produce the same amount of hot water, for a total of $697.

Hard water build up on dishes

Calcium builds up on sinks and shower heads

This is a picture of a window that had a sprinkler hit it for a long time, notice the difference when the glass is restored.


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